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10,000 dogs are diagnosed with cancer every day

Half of our dogs will be diagnosed with cancer. If your dog has been diagnosed and you are feeling alone, you are not alone. There are many dog owners who are determined to help their dog fight cancer.

Linda and MangoThere are a hundred diagnostic tests that can be done. Which tests should you agree to have done?

What treatment should your dog have? There's almost always more than one way to fight cancer. Did your vet explain several options and let you choose?

Make these decisions without delaying treatment.

Because while you are busy researching "canine cancer," your dog's cancer is busy progressing.

What you need to know

Should your dog have treatment? Consider factors such as his age, health and temperament, as well as your finances and your ability to provide time and energy to help him through treatment.

Research various treatment options. Find the results of peer reviewed studies for each treatment, to find the success rate and survival time of each. Also find the potential side effects.

Know when to stop treatment. There is a trend toward over-treatment in veterinary medicine (and human medicine).

What side effects might your dog have from treatment? What can you do to avoid side effects, and to remedy them if they do appear?

What diet and supplements will help your dog fight cancer?

Canine Cancer: You need a crash course 

Help Your Dog Fight Cancer is a crash course with an action plan. You will learn everything you need to know to become your best friend's best advocate.

Bullet in Chemo

From Linda Campagna (Mango's mom)
"This book is a bible of information that I relied upon time and time again. Thank you for writing such an incredible resource for those of us who are owned by pets with cancer.

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2nd Opinions
Prepare for Battle
Cut treatment costs
Support Groups
Palliative Care
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Your dog, your money, your decisions

Front cover HYD3

In this book I provide the information you need to make the best decisions for your dog.
I am not a veterinarian - I am a veterinary medical researcher and writer.
I do not promote the most aggressive or the most expensive treatments or the treatment a clinic does most often.

From Suzanne Daycock (Kerrie's mom)
"Laurie, I can't thank you enough for the role you played in my journey with Kerrie and the joyous memories we were able to make. You have done a great service to more people than you will ever know, of this I am completely certain. I read your book cover to cover and it became the foundational tool that I used to move forward with Kerrie."

Empowerment for Dog Owners

This award-winning book has helped more than 50 thousand dog owners help their dogs fight cancer.

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From Ann Elliott (Nell's mom)
"I credit you and your book Laurie, for helping me feel like there was something constructive that I could do to participate in Nell's health care after her diagnosis. I will always be grateful to you and Bullet for that!"

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Canine cancer consults
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We will talk about your dog's cancer, diagnostics, treatment options, diet, supplements and more. We will talk about all of your questions and concerns.

Your anxiety will decrease and you will feel empowered to move forward confidently with your dog's fight against cancer.


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